Tax Problems

TAX PROBLEMS – IRS and Other Tax Authorities

Tudor & Associates, Inc. is led by a highly trained and qualified Enroll Agent who represents taxpayers at all levels of IRS.  With the ability to represent clients in all 50 states, Tudor & Associates, Inc. understands “Taxpayer’s Rights” and knows what the IRS and other tax authorities can do and not do.  Call or email to schedule a FREE one (1) hour consultation to discuss your case.


Tudor & Associates, Inc. knows how to properly prepare an audit defense or request audit reconsideration for taxpayers as it typically is not a wise choice for taxpayers to represent themselves in an IRS or other tax authority audit.  With the IRS now utilizing a computer generated scoring system to efficiently identify who they will audit, the IRS is able to match all forms sent by employers and other businesses to a taxpayer’s return.  If the items do not match up, you can bet the IRS will send a computer generated notice to the taxpayer.  Taxpayers need to respond to computer generated notices and respond within the timeframe stated on the letter to avoid further IRS action.


Tudor & Associates, Inc. can save you the embarrassment of the IRS seizing your bank account.  Imagine being on vacation, or at the market buying groceries only to have your debit card declined.  You call the bank and learn IRS has SEIZED your bank account, and you remember all the IRS notices you stuffed in the drawer, threw away, or ignored.

“The IRS may levy (seize) assets such as wages, bank accounts, social security benefits, and retirement income. The IRS also may seize your property (including your car, boat, or real estate) and sell the property to satisfy the tax debt. In addition, any future federal tax refunds or state income tax refunds that you are due may be seized and applied to your federal tax liability.”

You have several options to stop IRS notices, have peace of mind, and get back to life without worrying about tax problems.  You have rights and protections throughout the collection process.  Let Tudor & Associates, Inc. deal directly with the IRS on your behalf and assist you in protecting your rights.

IRS Appeals

Tudor & Associates, Inc. has successfully represented clients before the IRS and state taxing authorities.  You have a right to representation and to appeal the decision of the IRS if you disagree with the findings of the examination or collection enforcement.  Tudor & Associates, Inc. will work with you to settle your case without you having to appear in tax court. 


IRS focuses on five areas.  One of those is non-filers.  Non-filers are viewed as an opportunity to increase tax collections.  IRS uses a tool called substitute for return which unfavorably calculates what the taxpayer owes and does not give the taxpayer any of the deductions allowed by tax code.  IRS sends the taxpayer a notice and the collections process starts.  IRS adds penalties for late filing, late payment, and interest.  Tudor & Associates, Inc. can help you reduce your tax liability by filing your back taxes.  In many cases Tudor & Associates, Inc. has successfully negotiated the reduction or elimination of the penalties.  Call or email Tudor & Associates, Inc. to discuss your case.

Tudor & Associates, Inc. can help with:

  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • IRS Liens
  • IRS Levies
  • IRS Wage Garnishment
  • IRS Payment Plan
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Innocent Spouse Relief